Why Should You Join the RIA?

Membership with the RIA is an investment in your business. It’s an effective way for business owners to increase their bottom line, stay up to date on the latest training and technology, and shape the future of the industry. We provide our members with industry and business insights and discounted access to premier conferences, educational offerings, certifications, products, and services. Even more importantly, the RIA serves as a unified voice for our members taking on the issues and challenges impacting their businesses that no one restoration contractor can face alone.

Over its 76 year history, the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has represented thousands of cleaning and restoration professionals. Our mission is to educate, advocate, and elevate the restoration industry. Our programs advance the knowledge of restoration professionals and provide credibility and visibility in the marketplace for our over 1,150 members. By the end of 2023, we anticipate steady growth with both existing and emerging membership offerings. 

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

When you join the RIA, you’ll receive a number of benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you’re expanding your business or looking for a referral partner, membership has its advantages! Our workshops and conferences are complemented by a network of peers in the restoration industry whose shared experiences help shape new processes and best practices. In addition to high-quality certifications and discount programs, we offer a wide range of resources for managing and growing your business.

Membership: The New Model

Our brand new membership model is hassle-free! You can select a flexible membership payment option, including a monthly subscription, and the dues amount that is appropriate for your company. Our new autopay and monthly payment options allow you to skip the invoices and annoying renewal reminders as you access the full portfolio of RIA benefits. RIA members who opt to pay their annual dues in full receive a 15% discount. 

The RIA also offers a discounted rate of $299 on the first year of membership for brand new members or those who have not been members for the last three years or more. We recognize that COVID changed the landscape of “business as usual”, causing some memberships to lapse. Our new model offers an affordable option to re-establish your membership and take advantage of the RIA’s many resources. 

Networking With Peers

Networking is essential and a key component of our membership offering. RIA members can attend regional networking events to meet fellow restorers and share feedback on how the RIA’s Advocacy & Government Affairs (AGA) Committee addresses challenges and issues impacting your business. 

Getting to know your colleagues in the industry broadens the network of individuals who can support your business’ future growth. As a new member, you can look to your RIA peers to share creative ideas that can transform your business relationships and financial future. Our annual RIA International Restoration & Industry Convention is filled with networking opportunities and builds connections between new and long-time members.

Certification Discounts

As part of your membership, you’ll receive discounts on RIA’s advanced designation training courses. Restoration professionals can achieve the industry’s highest designation – the Certified Restorer (CR) after completing four pillar programs: Fire Loss Specialist (FLS), Water Loss Specialist (WLS), Content Loss Specialist (CLS), and Environmental Risk Specialist (ERS). These advanced designations set you apart as an expert in your field and open up new opportunities that can prove to be more profitable than your investment.

Advocacy & Business Resources

Our Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) Committee and task force groups are leading critical advocacy initiatives to promote the collective, common interests of restoration contractors nationwide and internationally. Together with key stakeholders, we implement strategies to maintain equity between restorers, insurers, and their partners. 

The AGA’s advocacy efforts are making a positive impact on pricing and provide our members with tools and resources to help them negotiate more effectively and improve their business relations with third party administrators, adjusters, and consultants. RIA members will also soon benefit from our new AGA Legislative Task Force which is proactively monitoring legislation and changes in the insurance landscape that may impact restoration contractors.

The RIA website is jam packed with resources and a new on-demand learning platform where members have access to AGA position statements and videos, educational sessions with industry experts on business-related and technical topics, and more. With access to the most current information and resources, the RIA continues to offer invaluable support for restoration professionals.

Reputation Building

As a new business owner, we know how crucial it is to demonstrate the value of the service you provide, while simultaneously building your company’s reputation. A brand’s reputation is everything when it comes to building a business. As an industry leader, you need to demonstrate your commitment to growth, quality, and continuing education. In addition to supporting growing companies and the communities they serve; the RIA is a highly regarded global association. RIA membership helps you stand apart from competitors and elevates your company’s brand. 

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

Business owners must adapt to change because it’s the only thing that’s guaranteed. By joining the RIA, you will stay up-to-date on emerging trends and understand how the restoration industry is shifting so you can keep focused on your business while being at the forefront of the latest developments, innovations and technologies. You can stay informed about issues impacting your business and the industry as a whole and receive up to date information you need to succeed.

We are Stronger Together

The RIA welcomes member companies of all types and sizes to our restoration family. We understand how important it is for restorers to come together as a unified front to tackle the challenges of the day. Increasing membership leads to strength in numbers, and that growth means we can pull together the resources needed to effectively advocate on behalf of the restoration industry.

Come and join the RIA today at www.restorationindustry.org!

RIA Staff

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