What is your advice for the restorer to be successful?

“If you like somebody, get them an offer letter that day. Speed works well. Even if we can’t fully vet them, we put an offer letter out, pending compliance checks.”
– Jackie Carpenter, CEO, Ideal Inc. –

“When you’re in a tight labor market, the people you want are not answering ads, they’re busy working. You’re gonna have to find them, you’re gonna have to be creative. It has to be a function of your business. Start handing out business cards to anybody you come across that’s hustling at their job. It’s a free interview.”
– Phillip Rosebrook, CR, President, Business Mentors –

“I encourage management to develop their employee brand alongside their marketing one, dedicate time to marketing to potential employees as you would for new customers. Show examples on your website and social media of your team that would promote positive impressions.”
– Mike McCabe, Profit Detective, Business Development Associates Inc. –

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