Training Now Available to Better Serve Mold Sensitized Clients

The awareness that some occupants are sensitized to mold has led to the development of specialized practices and procedures for projects to assist them. In the past, these specialized techniques were learned the hard way as contractors dealt in a trial and error approach to adapt regular remediation practices for their customers who are more susceptible than normal to mold contamination. 

In an effort to meet the needs of this market segment, the National Organization of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NORMI) has introduced a two-day class to assist contractors in helping mold sensitized individuals. Partnering with Wonder Makers Environmental, NORMI is offering this specialized topic several times in 2022 with the first class scheduled for March 7th and 8th. The class will be available in person at the NORMI facility in Florida as well as via livestream. The class has already received approval for continuing education credits for the State of Florida mold licenses. 

Contact NORMI at for more information and to register for the class.

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