Tools Every Restoration Professional Needs

Launching a fire, mold and water restoration company can be challenging. What equipment do you require? Should you offer additional services now or later? Numerous factors come into play, but first, you need the right restoration tools.

Below are some of the most essential tools to help you start a successful restoration business.

Extraction & Air Flow Equipment

Fire incidents, mold, and water restoration require airflow tools for your cleanup workflow. Based on your focus and preferences, you will need a combination of air movers (centrifugal, low profile), low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers and additional extension accessories.

Repairing water damage tools, specifically, rely on flood extractor machines that include extra accessories you might find helpful. However, please do not overbuy accessories until you know you need them.

Business Organizational Tools

Like any other business, you need some office equipment to run your restoration firm successfully. It is vital to consider fire, mold, and water restoration software tools that help with project management and customer relationship management.

Excel sheets and word processor documents might be unwieldy, so go for systems that start with an inexpensive all-in-one tool that integrates services like Xero, Sage and QuickBooks.


What would a water restoration firm be without an excellent vehicle to transport your equipment? Maybe un-operational.

Therefore, get yourself a truck or van and then grow from there. As mentioned earlier, your extraction and airflow tools might be part of your truck or van purchase decisions.

You will have to decide whether a portable extraction machine or a truck-mounted extraction system is an excellent option at this stage.

Measurement & Analysis Tools

Evaluating your consumers’ property is the first part of fire, mold and water restoration. But first, you need to consider the area you want to focus on – repairing fire, mold or water damage.

You will want to save some bucks on gear if you focus on a specific area as you are starting out. For the areas you are not focusing on, you can contract some specialized professionals who offer their own tools and systems.

For instance, repairing water damage needs moisture meters and axial air movers. You might decide to purchase more than one type, like a thermos-hygrometer for psychometric examination and a probe meter for additional readings.

Extra Supplies, Certification, & Tools

Based on your speciality, you might require supplies like ducting, containment zip walls or sprayers. Therefore, do not forget to spare some cash for these essential items.

You might also have to save some cash for coating, odor eliminators, sealers, or other chemicals and equipment. Else, you might have to buy special smoke or soot removal tools for fire restoration.

You will also need to get some professional certification. Getting certification indicates that you understand the trade and the tools you need to use. For example, the IICRC certification includes 28 classes covering various industry-specific tasks or services. Professionals can also get IICRC-issued manuals for regular updates on numerous remediation and restoration tasks.

Other considerations include getting bonding coverage, business licenses, and liability insurance.

Now that you are all set up, purchase these tools, and enjoy a successful water restoration operation!

Alvin Kines

Alvin Kines is a content author for ATI Restoration, a full service specialty contractor specializing in restoration, environmental and construction. With more than 30 years of experience, ATI is a national leader in disaster restoration projects. ATI clients receive personal attention from our management team, plus all the benefits of a large company with nationwide locations, state of the art equipment and extensive personnel. We have over 900 full-time employees and 20 offices around the country.

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