The Refreshed C&R: Creating a Full Media Brand Dedicated to YOU

Michelle Blevins

Welcome to the refreshed Cleaning & Restoration Magazine! It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to carry the legacy of this amazing publication forward. C&R is the oldest publication in the industry, carried through more than five decades by the leadership of the Restoration Industry Association. Its archives contain incredible thought leadership pieces from some of the greatest minds and founders of the restoration and cleaning industry.

In July, C&R became the only full media brand (print and digital), and fully independent publication, specifically serving the restoration and cleaning industry. I am grateful to the RIA for allowing me to purchase C&R, and carry forward the legacy set by so many people before me, like Patti Harmon, who is so iconic in the industry there is an award named after her!

While C&R is no longer a formal part of the RIA, there will always remain a strong relationship between the two organizations, and you can find many of its updates within the magazine (see the RIA Insider!) and on the C&R website.



I cut my teeth in journalism at a small town newspaper in Northwest Indiana more than 10 years ago. It was in that job I learned something no college journalism class ever covered: journalism is about relationships. I learned more in those first two years “on the beat” than I did in college. Over time, I built rapport with judges, sheriffs, school superintendents, business owners, and many others. That, in turn, earned me a seat on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and allowed me to become much more involved in the local community – like organizing and moderating a debate among November election candidates ranging from county clerk up to U.S. House of Representatives. I was eager to serve and be involved, and soaked up every opportunity.

Fast forward a few years, and a move to Northern Michigan, I became the executive producer of a local news station. The entire six years I was there, I longed for more; I longed for meaningful involvement, and loathed sitting behind a computer all day. By 2015, I was eager to move back into print, and that’s when I wandered into the restoration industry.

This industry has humbled me over the last six years. It has been everything I could have dreamed of, and so much more. I am fortunate to call so many of you colleagues, and friends, and know there are thousands I still need to meet!

My goal with C&R is to continue to offer a well-rounded, credible, and vibrant resource to the industry. This will include six print issues per year in addition to hundreds of web- exclusive articles, a brand new podcast, video columnists, a weekly eNewsletter, the revival of the Restoring Kindness project, creation of new awards, and so much more.

To everyone who was involved in making this first refreshed issue a reality, thank you! To the contributors who got it done under very tight deadlines, thank you! To the advertisers who saw the immediate value of C&R and got behind it, thank you! To those who encouraged me to take this leap, thank you!

With tremendous gratefulness,

Michelle Blevins

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