The Power of a Google Business Profile for Restoration Companies

If you own a Restoration Business (or any other service based business) then you may have heard of a little something called Google Business Profile. Doesn’t ring a bell? Then maybe you’re familiar with one of its many other names; Google My Business, Google Business Page, Google Places, or Google + Local? Whatever you know it as, there’s a good chance  that you’ve used it for your business at some point.  But in late 2021, a core algorithm update from Google hit hard. And yes it included yet another rebrand of their business page, the Google Business Profile.

Like most things in the digital marketing world, especially with Google, things change. In 2020 there were over 4500 changes to Google search alone. Although intended to enhance user and businesses experience on their platform, those changes keep digital marketers like myself on their toes and can sometimes frustrate business owners who are trying to keep up.  One such core update in November 2021, nicknamed “The Vicinity Update”, was the largest of its kind since 2017. It affected the Google Maps and Local search rankings significantly. SEO agencies and business owners were left with suspended profiles, a sudden large drop in maps rankings, missing reviews, and automatically edited profiles. If you found yourself in one of those situations then you may have been frustrated, fired someone, or just flat out given up on SEO or Google for driving leads. But before you toss the middle finger up to Google, let me explain why managing and optimizing your Google Business Profile for your Restoration Business is one of the top digital marketing channels and crucial for driving leads from the internet – especially if you’re spending time and money on SEO.

The new algorithm update aimed to help eliminate spam profiles by flagging profiles with keywords in their name, eliminate fake reviews (and some real ones…), and penalized businesses who were gaining the system by not following Google’s guidelines. The update also added a ton of new features to help businesses including free call tracking, direct messaging, and an easier way to manage your profile. If you are currently doing SEO to rank in the organic section, then your Google Business Profile is now a bigger part of that.

Prior to the 2021 update, most marketing agencies, companies, and DIY marketers treated their Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) like an afterthought. Checking the box with a verified profile and simply inputting basic business information, adding a picture or two, and trying to reach out to past customers to get some reviews to help boost your maps rankings ( the holy grail of positioning for service based businesses like Restoration Companies). If that sounds like you, then you are in the same boat as 99 percent of people who used that channel. But if you want to drive leads to your Restoration Business, you need to take advantage of the updates Google made to stay on top of your competition.

So,If you want to rank better in maps and organic sections and get more visibility for your Restoration Business, then you need to start using and optimizing your Google Business Profile properly. 

Below are some of the key steps and strategies for Google Business Profiles that we are using in 2022 for our clients that you need to follow to help get better rankings and drive more leads for your business:

  1. Set up and verify your Profile (seems obvious but some people are still neglecting this important channel)
    1. Be sure Add links to your Google Business Profile on your website and social media channels
  1. Properly complete and optimize your Google Business Profile
    1. This includes using the correct legal business name, address. and phone number (NAP). If you don’t serve customers at your location then click that option in the address section and you can set a service area.
    2. You need to be sure to add media including your logo, cover photo, and as many pictures of your company, jobs, and team as you see fit. Be sure to include pictures of your storefront if you have it, as well as a photo of your storefront from the street showing adjacent businesses.
    3. Don’t forget to turn on messaging and call tracking. (this is an amazing feature to help track ROI and stay on top of lead follow up)
    4. Fill out your bio – tell people what you do and how you help.
    5. Add your service area- include all cities and locations
      1. Google allows you to input as many cities as you need
      2. If you allow customers to visit your business then put in your address, if not you can check the box that says you are service only
    6. Add your business hours 
  1. Add photos and Updates frequently
    1. Did you know that Google’s AI is capable of scanning photos and determining the content of them along with the location data and any keywords(ie: filename or caption)? This can give your local search rankings a nice boost if used properly. For instance, if you upload a photo of a water damage job in a certain city then it may help you rank for that service in that location.
    2. Google Business Profile has an “Posts” capability. You can post updates for your business there with descriptive captions, like the AI scanning photos, Google will do the same for these posts and may help boost your rankings when properly linked. Use this like you would social media, you won’t regret it. We are posting multiple times per week for our clients while linking to their websites and we have seen a nice increase in organic rankins, traffic, and Maps rankings.
    1. Reviews are powerful. Not only do they help customers make a buying decision, but they may also help with your rankings in the Map section. Connect your website to showcase your Google reviews as well!
    2. Make sure you respond to reviews. Google periodically checks to see your responses, whether good or bad. Make sure you show how much a review means to your business by responding to all of them.
    3. If you want a little more juice out of your reviews then have your customers detail the work you did for them and upload photos of the job.

There are a few more technical tasks including internal/external linking, adding content that go into it but . For now, if you follow the above guidelines you’ll be in a much better position to dominate page 1 of Google and get the leads you should be getting. Like I mentioned before, things change frequently in the digital marketing landscape, but if you keep your fingers on the pulse and are present in your business’ marketing strategy, you can stay on top of them and have a leg up on your competition. If you don’t, well, you can watch your competition continue to push forward while you are still at the starting line.

Benjamin Ricciardi

Benjamin Ricciardi is the founder of Ironclad Restoration Marketing, A Restoration Industry specific marketing company based in South Florida. Benjamin also hosts The Restoration Rundown Podcast, a podcast that is focused on everything related to marketing and owning a Restoration Business. Connect with Benjamin and Ironclad Restoration Marketing on social media for the latest tips and tricks on how to grow your Restoration Business.




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