Sudoc Wins Fast Company Award as a 2022 World Changing Idea

Sudoc, Inc (“Sudoc”), a new chemical industry company committed to environmental sustainability, has been recognized by Fast Company as a 2022 World Changing Idea. Sudoc’s NewTAML® chemistry is a platform technology with remarkable oxidation capabilities that replace and eliminate toxic chemicals in a wide range of cleaning and environmental treatment applications. The Fast Company award comes after Sudoc was recently named a Top Ten Start-Up to Watch by Chemical & Engineering News and demonstrates the momentum being built by the company and its sustainable chemistry.

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas program annually awards organizations, businesses, products, concepts, and policies that are generating innovation for the benefit of society and the planet. In this sixth annual selection, there were several new categories and pioneering ideas highlighted for leading change in the world. Sudoc was selected for Fast Company’s On the Rise category of World Changing Ideas. Winners in other categories include Ford Motor Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens Corporation.

With a mission to outperform toxic chemicals to remove them from our planet, Sudoc is a different kind of chemical company.

A Founder and CEO of Sudoc, Roger Berry, states “We are honored to be recognized by Fast Company and included among a prestigious group of companies contributing to a sustainable future. Sudoc’s sustainable chemistry platform is the foundation for a series of brands – Dot, Neat, and Umo to start — that promise to change how we think about cleaning products, water treatment solutions, waste pharmaceutical disposal, pesticides, and a range of other applications. This chemistry truly has the ability to reduce the chemical burden of our planet and every household. We are very proud that Fast Company has recognized the importance of this mission.”

Dr. Terry Collins, a Founder of Sudoc and Head of Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Green Science who has led the development of TAML® chemistry, comments “It’s just so important that we change the way we think about and use chemicals. Our planet’s chemical burden threatens life itself. Sudoc is our contribution to how we answer to that challenge. I could not be more proud and grateful.”

The principal investor in Sudoc, Hunter Lewis, a pioneering innovator and former CEO of Cambridge Associates LLC, states “Over the last hundred plus years, industry has continued to pour chemical after chemical into our environment to the point where we are doing serious damage to life of all kinds. We have to change course and reduce our chemical burden. That is the fundamental mission of Sudoc. That is why we have made a substantial investment in this important company. I applaud the Sudoc team for its work and believe its chemistry does in fact stand as a World Changing Idea. Thank you to Fast Company for recognizing the importance of this mission.”

Sudoc is in business to put chemistry in balance with nature. Formed in 2020 with operations in Cambridge, MA, Charlottesville, VA, and Pittsburgh, PA, Sudoc is committed to developing products that reduce chemical burden in a range of applications. Sudoc is a mission-driven company, and its shareholding structure reflects that commitment. Sudoc’s largest shareholder is a pair of Trusts established by Dr. Collins and Dr. Pete Myers, a Sudoc Founder and Co-Author of Our Stolen Future, that as the company grows will fund research into the problem of endocrine disrupting chemicals—toxic chemicals that disrupt the hormone systems of living beings, reducing human fertility, increasing disease states, and adversely affecting developmental behavior. Our Stolen Future was one of the first books to link our planet’s chemical enterprise with the problem of endocrine disruption.

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