Sudoc Named a Top 10 Nature-Inspired Companies Addressing Environment Issues by Biomimicry Institute

Sudoc, LLC, a new chemical industry company committed to environmental sustainability, has been selected as one of the top ten bioinspired startups for 2022 by the Biomimicry Institute to participate in this year’s Ray of Hope Prize program. The Biomimicry Institute’s annual program identifies the top ten nature-inspired startups worldwide and cultivates their growth by providing sustainable business training, communications support, and opportunities for non-dilutive funding. As part of its nomination, Sudoc will take part in an upcoming 10-week virtual accelerator program and compete to receive the $100,000 grand prize as well as additional equity-free funding.

Sudoc’s involvement in the Biomimicry Institute’s Ray of Hope program will support the continued expansion of its NewTAML® chemistry, a platform technology which can change the way we use chemicals in a variety of applications ranging from cleaning products to water treatment. TAML® molecules, which were developed by scientists examining how enzymes work in the human liver, represent a new class of catalysts that make commonly available oxidants, such as hydrogen peroxide, exponentially more reactive and effective. This game-changing chemistry sets Sudoc apart as a different kind of chemical company with a mission to reduce our planet’s chemical burden.

Commenting on the nomination, Jared Yarnall-Schane, Innovation Director at the Institute noted: “Sudoc was selected to take part in this year’s Ray of Hope Prize program because of their commitment to solving systemic environmental and social issues, such as the pervasive use of endocrine disrupting cleaning agents and the increasing need for global wastewater treatment. We applaud Sudoc for their important work and look forward to supporting their journey to bring their bioinspired chemistry to market.”

The Ray of Hope Prize nomination comes after Sudoc was recognized by Fast Company as a 2022 World Changing Ideas earlier this year. In November 2021, Sudoc was named a Top Ten Start-Up to Watch by leading industry publication, Chemical & Engineering News. The awards highlight considerable momentum for the company and its vision to create chemistry in balance with nature.

The Creator Founder of Sudoc, Dr. Terry Collins, states that “Nature has always been our inspiration. Because the global chemical enterprise has flooded our lives with such an extreme volume of chemicals, we are seeing the effects in decreased fertility, increased disease states, and impacted developmental functions. This trend has to be stopped. Sudoc is our answer to this problem. It is such an honor for our work to be recognized by the Biomimicry Institute.”

A Founder and CEO of Sudoc, Roger Berry, notes “We are thrilled to take part in the Ray of Hope Prize program and to be recognized by the prestigious Biomimicry Institute for our nature-inspired approach to reducing the chemical burden of every household on our planet. Today, chemistry is out of balance with nature with over 350,000 synthetic chemicals in use worldwide. Our sustainable chemistry is the foundation for a series of brands – Dot, Neat, and Umo—that will reduce the amount of chemicals we use and transform markets for cleaning products, water treatment solutions, and waste pharmaceutical disposal.”

Sudoc’s largest shareholder is a pair of Trusts established by Dr. Terry Collins and Dr. Pete Myers. As the company grows, the Trusts will fund research into the problem of endocrine disrupting chemicals—toxic chemicals that disrupt the hormone systems of living beings, reducing human fertility, increasing disease states, and adversely affecting developmental behavior. Through its bioinspired chemistry, Sudoc is helping to address a massive increase in global chemical toxicity that is contributing to the greater incidence of infertility, diseases such as cancer, and impacted developmental behaviors.

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