Stellar Brands Recognizes and Honors Franchisees at 2022 Convention in Fort Worth, Texas

Stellar Brands, a multi-brand service organization that includes Restoration 1bluefrog Plumbing + DrainThe Driveway Company and Softroc, recently celebrated its highest earning and top performing franchisees at the annual convention in Fort Worth, TX.

“It was fantastic to bring together all of our brands for the first time and recognize our dedicated franchisees and the commitment and hard-work they bring to their businesses everyday,” said Sherry Rose, chief executive officer of Stellar Brands. “In addition to celebrating their many achievements, it was an opportunity for our franchisees to engage in educational and networking opportunities that will set the stage for an even more dynamic 2022.”

C&R was also present at the event, and you can read our recap here.

Award winners include:
Restoration 1:
●      Rookie of the Year: Craig Boggs – Restoration 1 of Southern West Virginia, WV
●      Franchisee of the Year: Brad Jeffries – Restoration 1 of Jackson, MS
●      President’s Award: David and Marissa Hofstetter – R1 of  Baton Rouge, LA
●      Technician of the Year: Jacob Cohen – Restoration 1 of Las Vegas, NV

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain:
●      President’s Award: Manny Mitten- bluefrog of Miami, FL
●      Franchisee of the Year: Eric Carter- bluefrog of San Antonio, TX

The Driveway Company:

●      Top Performer: Casey Stegman and Nate Cavender – The Driveway Company of North Dallas, TX
●      ​​Outstanding Performance: Nathan Bocock and Austin Taylor – The Driveway Company of Columbia, SC
●      Rookie of the Year: Scott Cuthbert – The Driveway Company of Round Rock, TX
●      Franchisee of the Year: Daniel Almenara – The Driveway Company of Coral Gables, FL

●      Top Performer: Daniel Almenara – Softroc of Miami, FL
●      Outstanding Performance: Bill George – Softroc of  Birmingham, AL
●      Rookie of the Year: Craig Collins – Softroc of Ocala, FL
●      Franchisee of the Year: Cody and Heidi Clark – Softroc of Oklahoma City, OK

Stellar Brands also recognized 52 Million Dollar Club achievers, 27 for the first time, and four $5 Million Dollar Club achievers, three of them for the first time.

To learn more about opening a franchise with Stellar Brands, visit Restoration 1bluefrog Plumbing + DrainThe Driveway Company, or Softroc.

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