Stanley Steemer® Saves Over 83% in Time Spent on Vehicle Inspections with Fleetio’s Fleet Management Software

All company-owned Stanley Steemer locations and select Stanley Steemer franchises have implemented Fleetio, a leading fleet management software, to eliminate paper-based inspection processes and reduce time spent on vehicle inspections. Fleetio is the simple alternative to spreadsheets and outdated fleet software, designed to help automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.

Since 1947, Stanley Steemer has been offering residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, with air duct cleaning being added in 1998. As the nation’s largest carpet cleaning company, Stanley Steemer has over 300 locations in 48 states and is dependent on uptime to fulfill their quality service commitment. With over 3,000 familiar yellow vans across the country, plus additional rolling assets and equipment, select locations are leveraging fleet management software to ensure the positive perception that comes with the Stanley Steemer name.

With a fleet management software in place, these select Stanley Steemer locations are able to create customizable inspection forms based on local regulations, company-specific compliance, and vehicle and equipment requirements. Performing and inputting data for multiple vehicle inspections previously took technicians over an hour. Stanley Steemer technicians now spend an average of 10 minutes per vehicle inspection, saving over 83% in time spent on vehicle inspections.

Fleetio allows for instant notifications when criteria for inspections fail, like a cracked windshield or flat tire, allowing for Stanley Steemer’s vehicles to stay in peak condition, continuing to provide service for their customers around the country. 

Both Fleetio and Stanley Steemer are excited for the continued improvement of the fleet management process through digital inspections.

“Being able to customize vehicle inspections forms has been a very simple process. We’re currently building inspection checklists for some of our more expensive equipment which requires specific inspection criteria and instructions for techs,” says Steve Curtin, Fleet Quality Administrator at Stanley Steemer. “Fleetio took an opaque process and made it transparent.”

Zach Searcy, Lead Content Marketing Manager at Fleetio, says, “Here at Fleetio, we’re passionate about simplifying fleet management so organizations can spend more time focusing on their own mission. We look forward to helping Stanley Steemer continue their consistent cleaning process for millions of customers nationwide.” 

With Fleetio, Stanley Steemer employees are able to access important fleet information on the go through tablets or smartphones. The increased accessibility through mobile software has streamlined Stanley Steemer’s operations across their business, including fleet management and inspections.

To learn more about Fleetio and Stanley Steemer, visit

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