Restoring Kindness Project

In the cleaning & restoration industry, we are blessed in that we get to make a difference in someone’s life each and every day we show up for work. 

Every day, we see what kindness and service can do. It’s contagious and life-giving. But why limit those acts of service to restoration disasters? Why not encourage everyone to do their part in restoring lives?

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That’s how Restoring Kindness began. With small acts of kindness and gratitude, it’s possible to make a difference. So the #restoringkindness campaign was launched. There’s a hashtag attached to the campaign because we believe stories of kindness, shared online can inspire change and action.

We want to hear what you’re doing. We want to hear what’s being done for you and we want to encourage others to start restoring kindness too.

Already, businesses and individuals all across the nation are committing to join the movement this July. We hope you will too!

The Restoring Kindness Project is proudly sponsored and supported by Violand Management Associates.

Restoring Kindness was founded in 2015 by A&J Property Restoration of DeForest, Wisc.

How can I get involved?

However you want. There’s no limit! Get creative. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Simply think of a kind thing to do, go do it, and leave a note behind with the hashtag #restoringkindness. 

Restoring Kindness has multiple facets! In partnership with A&J Property Restoration, C&R wants to help celebrate all the good contractors do! Share your #RestoringKindness projects on social media and email them to We will be featuring a special project in every issue of C&R, and let the restoration and cleaning community vote on their favorite to be showcased in the May/June issue.

Why should I participate?

When we focus on others and restoring their lives, our world becomes a better place. Imagine the possibilities if we all decided to start Restoring Kindness, doing kind deeds for others and expecting nothing in return.


Where does it take place?

Wherever you live! We are challenging each of our hometowns and all the surrounding communities all over the world to take part in Restoring Kindness. Kindness doesn’t have an address, it lives wherever we decide to show it!