Restorers Now Creating Same-Day 2D Floor Plans With Their Smartphone Using Encircle

Early tester feedback indicates Encircle Floor Plan among the fastest, easiest solutions available to restorers

Encircle has officially opened early access to the newest feature within its field documentation app: Encircle Floor Plan. This feature allows restorers to scan a property in just minutes and receive 2D schematic floor plans the same day.

Now anyone on a job site can simply walk through the impacted areas, using their smartphone camera to capture room dimensions and visualize properties. No additional equipment or extensive training is required—technicians do not need anything other than their smartphone to quickly and accurately scan properties. Different levels of a property can be captured within one continuous scan within Encircle’s mobile app, and will be represented in a multi-level floor plan.

Pictured: Different levels of a property can be captured within one continuous scan within Encircle’s mobile app, and will be represented in a multi-level floor plan as seen with this 3-level home.


Within the beta period, Encircle Floor Plan was tested by field technicians, project managers, estimators, and owners on both residential and commercial losses of up to 10,000 square feet. Beta results have been notably overdelivering on this promise, with an average turnaround time of only 1 hour and 30 minutes.. Users also commented on how fast and easy it was to complete a scan on a job site to get an accurate, professional quality floor plan.

“It takes 7-8 minutes to do an entire 2,500 square foot house,” says John Woods, owner at Crossroads Property Rescue. “It doesn’t matter how many contents are in the property. We were in a couple places where I thought, ‘There is no way this scan is going to turn out’ — and it did!”

“It’s the least amount of training I’ve had to do on any new software that we’ve brought in, in the last…well… forever,” adds Dale Middleton, Senior Estimator, ProStar Restoration. “It’s great for getting sketches really fast so that we can get our service level agreement estimates done quickly. It’s as close to instant digital sketches that we can get.”

Staying well within the tolerance range for insurance carriers, Encircle Floor Plan offers 95% accuracy and, using a device with LiDAR, increases to 97%. This offers restorers consistent and accurate sketches for their estimates and reports on day one of the job. Floor plans are priced at $29 USD, with volume discounts available, and are guaranteed to be delivered within 6 hours without a rush fee.

The addition of Encircle Floor Plan also allows a restorer to reduce the number of apps they’re using on a job, further complimenting Encircle’s existing suite of features: photos, videos, notes, forms, contents management, drying logs, moisture reports, and more.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for restorers to document in the field and tell the story of a loss. Getting Encircle Floor Plan into their hands is another big step in the right direction — and one our team is really excited about,” says Paul Donald, CEO, Encircle. “Techs can use it on any size job, without any experience at all. Plus, it eliminates hours of time measuring and sketching by hand, or bouncing between various applications, so they can focus on supporting homeowners.”

Encircle customers will be the first to get access to this new feature; followed by general market availability where it will also become a part of Encircle’s trial experience, allowing any restorer to try it for free. Any restorer interested in trying Encircle Floor Plan can contact the team at

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