AdvantaClean Partners with Restoration ERP to Increase Commercial Sales Nationwide

Restoration ERP and AdvantaClean Systems network have agreed on a national sales solution  for all franchisees to access. This uses an online cloud-based disaster preparedness platform  branded as AdvantaClean. It’s one central platform for all franchisees and corporate to  leverage in acquiring additional commercial clients, powered by the Restoration ERP software. 

Being prepared for disasters is important for any property manager and owner. This can reduce  restoration cost and minimize disruption and recovery time. It’s no surprise many insurance  companies and facilities are looking for a better solution to be prepared and manage response  in the wake of a disaster. By using a cloud-based disaster solution platform, AdvantaClean will  have the additional ability to offer high end value to the largest commercial facilities and  commercial property managers across the country. 

Jeff Carrier, founder and president of Restoration ERP, said “I’m excited to see AdvantaClean  leverage this platform across their network. This is a game changer when speaking to owners  and building managers across the country. AdvantaClean now has a solution we believe many  

other restoration companies can’t offer or compete with. Commercial facilities are looking for a  stronger partnership with their vendors than ever before. The partnership between Restoration  ERP and AdvantaClean offers as an end to end solution for many of those facilities trying to be  better prepared for disasters in their business.”

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