Radio to Restoration: A Calling to Serve

Katie Smith, CR, CEO of PHC Restoration and President of RIA‘s Board of Directors, proudly calls herself an “everyday restorer” – and embodies servant leadership.

Through thick and thin in business and in life, Katie remains true to herself, her beliefs, and her ethics, while giving her all to everything in which she is involved. Her clear calling to serve others has made Katie a highly-sought-after servant leader in her company, community, and industry. As a CEO, she is authentic and transparent.

As a member of her local community, she is selfless and involved. As a member of our industry, she is a tireless advocate and connector. You can find similar descriptions for every area of her life.

In this episode of Restoration Today, get to know Katie as she shares:

  • Her background
  • How she got into restoration
  • The journey into second-generation ownership
  • How she finds balance between work and family
  • Community and industry involvement
  • Success from hiring outside the industry
  • How she built a company culture based on accountability, not clock-punching
  • Staying competitive in a consolidating industry
  • What it means to be an “everyday” restorer

… and more!

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