Phoenix Restoration Equipment Partners with the University of Wisconsin-Madison IoT Systems Research Center to Enhance DryLINK

Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a division of Therma-Stor, has partnered with UW-Madison to work on specific enhancements to their DryLINK® ecosystem of connected IoT products.  DryLINK is the leading IoT platform used in the water damage restoration market today.

Bluetooth-enabled drying equipment along with the DryLINK app addresses the shortage of skilled labor which contractors list as their number one hurdle.  Contractors can save three to four hours per job taking psychrometric readings remotely and prioritize onsite visits based on these readings.  They can also instantly share a link to the drying report to keep adjusters and other stakeholders apprised of the job’s progress.

“We are very excited to work with cutting-edge researchers at UW-Madison to bring even more value to contractors in our industry,” said Erin Hynum, Senior Product Manager.  The UW team will be working on enhancements around Bluetooth data transmission and collection, asset tracking, and data analysis.

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