NORMI Class Schedule for December & January Released

NORMI has posted the class schedule for December and January at, which includes the CMACMR (Initial Mold Licensure course), CE Conference (Continuing Education Courses), and the new FEMA ID Class offered in a combination of LIVE Online Simulcast and Onsite formats.

11/30-12/01 Dealing with Malodors

12/01 EPA Lead RRP Program (English)

12/01-03 CMACMR Mold Licensure Class (all states except TX, NY)*

12/01 NORMI Certified Protocol Writer Course*

12/01 Mold Marketing Class

12/02 EPA Lead RPP Program (Spanish)

12/02-03 IAQ Strategies, Sampling & Solutions

12/15-17 CMACMR Mold Licensure Class (Spanish)*

01/10-11 FEMA Approved ID Class

01/12-14 CMACMR Mold Licensure Class (Spanish)*

01/18-19 NORMI Certified Remediation for Sensitized Individuals

01/18-20 CMACMR Mold Licensure Class (English)*

01/20-21 IAQ Strategies, Sampling & Solutions

01/25-27 CMACMR Mold Licensure Class (English)*

*This class is also offered in LIVE Online Simulcast Format

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