NEW Integration: Albi + Encircle


Albiware Inc. (Albi) is excited to announce its integration with Encircle.

“Through our Encircle integration we bring the best of restoration field documentation and project management all in one place! What excites me the most about this partnership is that Encircle is an incredible industry innovator and disruptor, just like us,” commented Alex Duta, Albiware CEO

A few things that Albi & Encircle can bring restorers:

  • Advanced project documentation and moisture mapping straight into the main project file connected to sales, scheduling, and financial information.
  • Contents inventory & documentation connected to sales, scheduling, and financial information.
  • The ability to cut down on cost by allowing technicians to use Encircle and leave the management team inside of Albi.

Albi & Encircle integration has been available since 11/15/2021 to both new and existing clients. For more information, you can visit

Watch our recent interviews with Duta, and Encircle VP Kris Rzesnoski below.

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