New Book “The Redneck CEO” by Gary Findley Debunks Stereotypes of Leadership Skills that Drive Business Success

From small town to big time, author shares personal journey to inspire others to achieve their biggest dreams

In the release of his new book The Redneck CEO: Faith, Hope & Hard Work, author Gary Findley debunks the merits of fancy upbringings and book smarts on the road to success by sharing his real-life journey to inspire others that anything is possible.

A small-town, country boy from Axtell, Texas, Findley’s roots didn’t include big city life, Ivy League colleges or worldwide travel to end up in the boardroom growing massive organizations around the world. But that’s exactly where his career landed with the very same principles that he carried from home. And with great pride he shared that background on an episode of the Emmy-award-winning “Undercover Boss” series earlier this month.

Now in The Redneck CEO he’s unveiling a timely dose of real-world inspiration for others about the possibilities within reach. It includes a redneck’s tale of making millions, losing millions and getting it all back again with the kind of tools available to everyone.

“I haven’t always had the best jobs or made the most money,” Findley says. “But what I learned growing up in the country was priceless to guide me through the highs and the lows and get me where I am today. Those facing the toughest hurdles in the world could benefit from the same lessons.”

Findley credits his rural upbringing for instilling his strong work ethic and unshakeable faith, the keys that have carried him through life. That foundation fed his entrepreneurial drive and led to running his own businesses, serving as a franchise owner of multiple franchise brands and ultimately becoming an executive to grow some of the largest franchise networks across the country and around the world. Fast-forward and that help-your-fellow-man outlook from a hot and dusty Texas town has translated into Findley awarding more than 10,000 franchises to help people become their own boss.

Today, as the founder of Stellar Brands, he is overseeing multiple business networks in the home services industry and once again turning a successful organization into a pathway for business ownership for others and job creation for thousands more.

“Gary Findley is living proof that when you do the right thing, focus on service, and never sell out for money or pride, success will come. It may not come on your timeline, but it will eventually come,” says Hall of Fame Speaker, Executive Coach, and New York Times bestselling author Waldo Waldman in the foreword of the book.

The Redneck CEO: Faith, Hope & Hard Work, published by BizCom Press, is available at

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