National Restoration Franchise BOR Adopts Albi as Technology Partner

Albiware Inc. (Albi) & Best Option Restoration (BOR) announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic technology partnership. Albi will serve as the CRM & Job Management system for all of BOR’s franchises nationwide.

Albiware’s all-in-one restoration job management solution will equip Best Option Restoration with the ability to see advanced reports on how franchises are performing. It will also equip franchisees with all the tools they need to produce more jobs and get paid faster such as: project tracking, financial reports, field documentation, moisture mapping, document signing, equipment tracking, VOIP phone system, automation, and much more.

Best Option Restoration puts a strong emphasis on utilizing leading technology in all aspects of our business, from thermal technology in drying, to the most advanced restoration job management software in the industry” said Kyle Chiasson, spokesperson for Best Option Restoration. Kyle continued to talk about why BOR chose Albi, saying “After researching all market offerings, we have found Albi to be the best fit both short term, and are extremely excited about the long term innovation and overall direction of the company!

We’re extremely excited to have the BOR team onboard! They have impressed us as a franchise network with the amount of support and training they offer their franchisees and adoption of modern day practices.” said Alex Duta, founder of Albiware. He continued, saying, “At Albi, our mission is to empower restoration contractors to embrace existing and innovative technology by making it simple and accessible. Our customers are the restoration contractors that desire innovation and challenge the status quo, like BOR!

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