Mold Remediation: From Homes to MRI Machines

Like many in the restoration industry, Liz Keefer had no intention of being here – or being coined The Mold Girl, but now that she is here, she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

She intended to be an architect, and foster her love of structures. But as her knowledge of the built environment grew, she entered the contents and mold remediation world in the muggy Southeast U.S. After years of learning and training, Liz and her husband, Robert, opened their own restoration company.

Today, Liz runs her own company, traveling the entire East Coast doing mold assessments and remediation projects. She has become a well-known expert in mold remediation, being called in for everything from small residential projects to treating a contaminated MRI machine.

While based in Charleston, SC, Liz has four offices across two states, with big plans to expand further.

In this bonus episode of the Restoration Today podcast, Liz shares her journey, some stories from the field, and mold remediation best practices.

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