Mike Fulton Talks Pricing Analysts, Methodology, Integrations, Trends, & More

Mike Fulton rejoins the Restoration Today podcast for the third time! He has consistently been our most popular and listened-to guest, and we are honored to have him back for this episode!

Fulton is the President of Property Estimating Solutions at Verisk (AKA the Xactware arm of Verisk).

In this episode, Mike and Michelle discuss topics like:

  • Verisk’s Pricing Analyst Program that is now well underway
  • The online price list editor that was announced during the Verisk Conference in February of 2022.
  • The impact of an explosion of InsurTech in restoration.
  • Pricing feedback.
  • The future of estimating in relation to automation and implementation of geospatial technology.
  • Overall industry trends – like lack of storms, and increased innovations in tech.
  • Pricing methodology
  • Integrations
  • … and more!

Miss past episodes with Mike? Click here for the first episode, and here for the second.

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