Meet Protimeter’s Newest Meter: MMS3

As the name suggests is the 3rd generation of Protimeter’s multi-function moisture meter. Protimeter was the first moisture meter manufacture to innovate by adding multiple functions into one meter and Protimeter continues to lead the market with this latest generation of MMS.

The new MMS3 meter incorporates many new design features and improvements over the MMS2 and now also incorporates Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device.

Chris Ranwell Director of Product Management said. “Reporting moisture data has never been so important for our customers and the new MMS3 makes this very easy and effective using our free Protimeter Connect app. The new app allows simple reporting with images embossed with reading data as well as data logs from all functions of the meter” 

Learn more about the new Protimeter MMS3 at 

For more information on the NEW Protimeter MMS3, including a video demonstration, please visit

The Protimeter MMS3 is available through our wide network of global distributor partners. Find your local distributor here.

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