Log Your Daily Readings With a Push of a Button

As a part of the DryLINK® Ecosystem, Phoenix has created a reporting tool that helps contractors get paid faster and avoid headaches with moisture reading collection and documentation. Prior to DryLINK, contractors relied on manual recordings, which are not only time-consuming but more prone to human errors, creating challenges in billing and working with insurance providers.

Because DryLINK products and accessories provide data directly from sensors automatically, DryLINK Drying Reports, and the data they contain, are more likely to be accepted by insurance adjusters. And the more accurate the drying reports means contractors get paid faster.

Use any Phoenix Bluetooth-enabled Equipment or DryLINK devices to connect to the DryLINK app and receive:

  • Instant Readings
  • Verified Equipment Usage and Location
  • Remote Access and Alerts
  • Drying Report
  • IICRC Rooms/Chambers and Equipment Recommendations

TRY PHOENIX DRYLINK® DRYING REPORT FREE FOR 45 DAYS: https://drylink.usephoenix.com/drylink-drying-reports/

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