Let’s Talk Training: What is Your Best Advice for Restorers?

“Become the technical expert, understand why you’re supposed to do something, and how that impacts the job. By making educated choices backed by science, you’ll be doing the right thing and increasing your profits.”
– Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, CMP, CSDS, Senior Consultant to the IDSO family of companies
“If restoration is not your ultimate career choice, treat it as if it is, but find what it is that you want to do. You’re dealing with the health of people in their homes. If you are simply tired, unmotivated, or burnt-out, go back to a school or a convention and get re- energized.”
– Barry Costa, Managing Partner/Educator, Costa Group Education
“Embrace technology, it’s gonna come if you like it or not. Within 4-5 years insurance companies will require equipment monitoring coming directly from the machines as opposed to somebody writing something down.”
– Larry Carlson, Restoration Industry Manager, Phoenix Restoration Equipment
“Compete with yourself. Not with everyone else. You want to be able to wake up tomorrow and say, I’m better today. If you do that, you’re doing your best. No fault. No complaints. No worries.”

– Chuck Boutall, Director of Education, Restoration Technical Institute


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