LearnToRestore.com Introduces Spanish IICRC WRT Courses

LearnToRestore.com, a leader in restoration-based training, announces the addition of the IICRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT) course taught in Spanish to their course offerings.

Anthony Ramos, an IICRC-approved instructor, will lead both Spanish and English WRT courses for LearnToRestore.com.

There is a growing need for Spanish taught industry education, and the introduction of Spanish WRT courses helps bridge the gap for the Spanish speaking community. LearnToRestore.com has also announced they will soon offer additional Spanish courses.

“We are excited to support our students by offering classes taught in Spanish,” said Josh Foote, Vice President of Operations at LearnToRestore.com. “The introduction of our Spanish WRT certification course will allow students to complete the entire course in the Spanish language from the course manual to the IICRC exam.”

LearnToRestore.com continues to offer new courses and certifications for the insurance repair and property restoration industries. They are one of only two IICRC approved schools offering the Water Restoration Technician course in Spanish. 

About LearnToRestore.com

LearnToRestore.com is an IICRC approved school, offering certification courses online and in-person. They are the only school to offer Successful Subrogation courses in a live stream format. 

For more information on LearnToRestore.com, visit their website at: https://learntorestore.com

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