Industry Innovators Unveil Major Integrations

Several major industry integrations were announced at The Experience Convention & Trade Show in early September.

Clean Claims + E3 + PSA + Xcelerate + DocuSketch + Large Loss Mastery

Clean Claims unveiled the integration with E3, PSA, Xcelerate , Large Loss Mastery, and DocuSketch.

Clean Claims provides process enforcement, photographic proof of work that needs done, proof of work that has been done and a system for your water mitigation projects. The proven E3 metric w

ill provide drying evaluations never seen in our industry, will quantify what will work best for the project regardless of category, class, outside conditions or drying equipment and enable you to control the chamber versus the chambercontrolling you.

PSA provides a seamless connection between the office and the field in realtime. PSA integrates with Xactware, Symbility, Matterport, Docusketch etc. Xcelerate is an innovative restoration job management solution that brings many ofthe tools you need to succeed into a single, more intuitive platform. Integrations that are changing the software landscape in the water restoration industry!


E3 + Phoenix DryLINK + Encircle

Plus, a revolution to the water mitigation industry is here! Again, as stated above, the proven E3 metric will provide drying evaluations never before seen in our industry. Phoenix DryLINK connects Bluetoothenabled equipment and accessories giving you the long range power to manage equipment and take accurate readings in seconds. Encircle‘s Moisture Tool simplifies jobs with an easytofollow workflow, automated reports, alerts for gathering and sharing the complete, accurate and timely details of all jobs. The integration of these three companies is coming January 2022

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