Impactful Innovation: Planning The Collective

In an industry with many events, every planner and coordinator has to be up to the challenge to find ways to innovate and draw in attendees and vendors. From education to networking to expo hours, there are a lot of variables that can make or break an event, and impact future attendance for better or worse. Plus, there are key details like location, hotel, and accessibility to consider.

Now going into its second year, The Collective by CORE is orchestrated by a powerhouse team, led by Vice President of Marketing Diane Goheen and Senior Director of Events Beth Thompson. The event is known for having a variety of tracks on a lot of topics, rich themes that run throughout the conference and venue itself, great networking events, and always a few surprises.

In this episode of Restoration Today, Beth and Diane get real (amidst many laughs) about what it takes to plan an event in this space, lessons learned from year one, and what’s on deck for year two.

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