IICRC Updates

IICRC Updates

Hall of Fame 2022 Inductees: Nominations are now open for the most prestigious award in the industry. Visit IICRC.org/IICRCHallofFame and submit your nomination(s) by June 30. Winners will be announced on October 1 at the Annual Instructors Meeting.

Same Certifications. Online Convenience: Don’t miss 10+ industry-recognized Certifications available via live-stream! Visit IICRCCert.org to find the next step of your career, or watch this short video to learn more.

Mold Stories: Visit MoldUncovered.org/blog to find real stories and relevant articles featured in the Mold Uncovered Campaign.

Women in Cleaning: The IICRC recognizes some of the leading women impacting the Cleaning Industry! Share this video to inspire women to follow in their steps.

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