How should I respond to inquiries about buying my business?

Q: I get 1-2 inquiries a month to buy my business, what’s the best way to respond? 

JT says: Your response depends on what you want. A recent poll indicated more than 80% of restoration companies have been approached, likely including you. Your response could range from not interested, to jumping right into negotiations, with many options in between.

It boils down to your motivation to engage in a discussion. Has selling been on your radar? Taken any steps toward the possibility? Or, not for sale, but interested if a buyer paid a premium?

Motivation aside, without answers (and a process to stay in control) engaging in discussions is worrisome. Don’t simply react, maintain control of the communication and process. Your peace of mind and retirement will thank you.

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JT Kraai

As CEO and Founder of Exit Strategies 360, JT takes extreme pride in helping business owners prepare and navigate the business sales process.  As an M&A Advisor, Broker and Consultant for 20+ years, he has structured hundreds of transactions for virtually any scenario, keenly understanding the needs of both buyers and sellers. 

JT indicates, “Most business owners are unaware of their options when it comes to preparing and selling their business.  These options can increase cash and decrease taxes by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  An educated decision is always the best.”

He then adds, “An owner’s weakest link is fear… without knowing how to proceed, they don’t.  We offer the tools, process and roadmap to proceed with confidence.”  

With over 25+ years of entrepreneurial ventures including five start-ups/sales, he has a solid understanding of what it takes to successfully create, expand and maximize business values. JT instinctively has the expertise and capacity to think about critical factors affecting the success of a transaction, providing an extremely valuable perspective and advantage for his clients.  

According to JT, “You’ll probably do this only once in your life… let’s do it right.”

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