HOMEE and Kustom Announce Partnership, Engineer Seamless CAT Claims Experience for Insurance Carriers

HOMEE today announced a National Service Pro Network Partnership with Kustom, the largest privately-owned, full-service restoration company in North America. Both companies will leverage this relationship to expand their capacity to quickly assist the nation’s leading insurance carriers’ catastrophe responses. Kustom will also gain access to the HOMEE software platform and its predictive analytics to better prepare for disasters before they strike. The partnership integrates Kustom’s national network and over half a century of service excellence with HOMEE’s catastrophe marketplace software, MyCAT Marketplace.

“Partnering with Kustom will elevate MyCAT Marketplace because our marketplace thrives on having a healthy selection of quality restoration vendors for our carrier partners to choose from in advance of a weather event,” said Larry Nettles, Vice President of Pro Operations at HOMEE. “Kustom provides top-tier restoration services in 49 states and has proven themselves valuable partners to homeowners for over 50 years.”

HOMEE will connect Kustom to insurance carriers seeking best-in-class restoration services before, during, and after a catastrophe event. Additionally, HOMEE will provide a digital marketplace that connects carriers and service providers, enabling the routing of well-qualified claims to Kustom. Upon confirming acceptance of the claims, Kustom will provide the high-quality restoration services cost-effectively, timely, and with consistent and transparent communication.

“Our partnership with HOMEE will create an elevated and frictionless experience for our mutual partners, providing an opportunity to bring our industry-leading claims response services to the MyCAT Marketplace,” said Kevin Sheppard, COO. “We are both heavily invested in digital transformation and aligned in our strategy to implement emerging technology that provides our clients with reduced claims cycles and unparalleled communication pre-and-post CAT event.”

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