Encircle Makes Restorative Drying Simple With Hydro

Encircle, the all-in-one field documentation tool for restoration contractors, has unveiled a new feature for restorative drying called Hydro. Demonstrated to the industry for the first time at The Experience show in Las Vegas, Hydro simplifies water damage restoration by helping restorers create a drying plan, establish dry standards, and log moisture and psychrometric readings. It will be available this Fall for all Encircle customers at no additional cost.

“Hydro helps techs set up the job with confidence and manage them end-to-end.”

Even better, the feature includes equipment calculators that follow the S500 IICRC Standard, enabling restoration contractors to size the job right from day one. Hydro will also provide restorers with alerts that help them stay up to date with unexpected changes—such as equipment malfunctions or a sudden increase in moisture levels—allowing them to proactively manage the job and mitigate issues as they occur.

Speaking on the development of this new game-changing approach to documenting water restoration jobs, Kris Rzesnoski, VP of Encircle, describes how Hydro was designed with restorers in mind. “We worked with top trainers around the world to create a tool that reflected both what you learned in the classroom and what you encountered in the field,” noted Rzesnoski. “Hydro helps techs set up the job with confidence and manage them end-to-end.”

“Hydro gives restorers greater control in the field,” added Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle, “by allowing them to easily and accurately document water jobs, helping them justify charge-outs, support any changes to the drying plan, and ultimately improve their profitability.”

Best of all, within a few clicks, restorers can create thorough, dynamic reports that support on-the-job decisions and charge-outs. Detailed reports such as equipment reports and full reports help adjusters understand the water job, helping restoration contractors get paid faster with less push back.

Learn more about Hydro at getencircle.com/hydro.

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