Encircle Announces EncircleU: A New Way for Fast, Effective Training by Industry Experts

Encircle, the only all-in-one field documentation solution (FDS), is pleased to announce EncircleU, a new online learning experience developed to help restorers access standardized training on-demand. 

Speaking to the advantages of an online learning experience compared to in-person training, Encircle CEO Paul Donald explains, “Live training is difficult to coordinate and keep attendees engaged in to begin with. When you factor in the industry’s high employee turnover on top of that, you’ve got a real problem with knowledge gaps in the field—and that leads to costly mistakes for restorers. In the coming months, we look forward to working with top trainers and industry veterans to give them a new way to transfer their knowledge to the field, from anywhere in the world.” 

Initially launching with Encircle-specific content that focuses on documentation best practices and restorative drying, the learning management system will become a central hub to take industry training to the next level with course offerings from industry experts, including CE credit courses. Users can access it from mobile or web, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. 

“EncircleU allows restorers to train at their own pace, practicing skills they’re not comfortable with, or learning new skills to become an expert,” says Kris Rzesnoski, VP of Encircle. “Having trained restorers in water damage, fire damage, estimating and field documentation, I know how hard it is to absorb all that information and then struggle to apply it in the field. Plus, it’s extremely frustrating to learn new technology, systems, and skills when you’re swamped with the day-to-day needs of your business.” 

EncircleU offers short, digestible training lessons that users can start and stop based on their own schedule, working around business operations. The lessons are also developed using interactive modules with quizzes and simulation exercises to keep users engaged. It is available now at no cost to Encircle customers and will have a selection of free and paid courses added in the coming months. 

For more information about EncircleU, visit getencircle.com/encircleu.

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