Encircle Announces Admin Appreciation Award Winners


Encircle is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Encircle Admin Appreciation Awards.

  • Grand prize winner: Mary Snavely, Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration
  • Runner up prizes: Lisa House, First General Services Niagara; Charles Welsh, Oklahoma Disaster Restoration

Coinciding with Administrative Professionals’ Day, the Encircle Admin Appreciation Awards were created to acknowledge the incredible contributions made by administrative professionals in the restoration industry. Nominations are anonymized before being shared with Encircle team members to select the winners for a prize of $250.00 and the grand prize of $1000.00. This year, Encircle received more than 3x the number of nominations received in 2022.

“Reading the stories of these individuals and how much their colleagues value them is both inspiring and humbling. They’re not only the glue that holds operations together, but they make such an impact on team morale and in their communities.” says Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle. “It was touching to hear stories of admins giving so much of their time to their communities, going out of their way to organize dinners for their teams ‘just because’, finding additional ways to support families who are displaced, and rising to every type of unique challenge you can think of that’s been thrown their way. They truly do go above and beyond.”

Given the significant increase in submissions Encircle received this year, selecting only three winners was incredibly difficult – eight additional nominees have been contacted with bonus prizes in recognition of their incredible work and how much they mean to their teams.

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