Emergency Preparedness Kit: Helping Restorers Handle CATS Like A Pro

Disasters happen… Are you ready for your next CAT job? This package contains 5 templates designed to help restorers prepare for the next emergency, in advance. Inside,  you’ll find:

  • A Standard Toolbox Checklist – every tool you could ever need, so you don’t forget anything.
  • A Contingency Plan – so you’re ready to go, and your team is on the same page, even before disaster strikes.
  • A Process Worksheet – the necessary steps you should take before, during, & after a large loss, all laid out.
  • A People Worksheet – so you can clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your team members/ external service providers in the event of a CAT, and execute.
  • An Initial Customer Call Script – a sample First Notice of Loss script for the call intake process, to help guide you through your conversation with the customer.
Get your copy here.

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