DocuSketch Unveils “Estimating as a Service” Subscription for Restoration Businesses

DocuSketch, a leading provider of process optimization software for the restoration industry, is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative Estimating as a Service subscription. This service is designed to address a critical bottleneck in claims processing and provides restoration businesses with unlimited estimating capabilities for a flat monthly fee.

One of the key challenges in the restoration industry is the scarcity of experienced estimators. Small and mid-sized contractors often have access to only one or two in-house estimators, which restricts both project capacity and growth potential of many businesses.

DocuSketch’s new service ensures that subscribers receive insurance-compliant estimates typically within the next business day. These estimates are crafted by a team of skilled Xactimate® or CoreLogic® specialists and are rigorously validated by AskAime®, a trusted authority in the industry, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Ralf von Grafenstein, CEO of DocuSketch, explains, “Our longstanding mission has been to revolutionize the restoration claims processing landscape by blending a user-friendly app with robust services that expedite the settlement of restoration claims. This approach enhances the profitability of our partners and ultimately aids those in need.”

Nelson Higgins, Vice President North America at DocuSketch, adds, “Through our Estimating as a Service, we can significantly assist our customers in improving their bottom line. They gain access to top-quality estimates at a fraction of their typical expenses. The process is not only cost-effective but also user-friendly; all they need is our DocuSketch app. We’ve heard from numerous business owners that they are seeking ways to expand their operations and enhance their readiness and responsiveness in disaster scenarios.”

How It Works

The concept is straightforward. Restoration businesses can subscribe to one of six estimating plans, starting at just $500 per month, based on their estimated monthly volume of estimates. Restorers can request an unlimited number of estimates for this fee, as long as the total monthly volume doesn’t exceed their selected plan. If it does, their monthly fee increases.

To access the Estimating as a Service offering, a restoration business must be a user of DocuSketch’s documentation and sketching services. Subscribers can simply upload their site documentation into the DocuSketch app and receive a validated, insurance-compliant estimate within one business day.

Over the past year, the DocuSketch group has systematically expanded its estimating resources. With the acquisition of AskAiME in May 2023, it has integrated the largest review and assessment service for restoration insurance estimates into the group.

For more information about the Estimating as a Service offering and the available plans, please visit

About DocuSketch:

Having successfully streamlined and processed over 580,000 insurance claims within the restoration industry, DocuSketch stands as one of the industry’s largest and most rapidly expanding software vendors. Today, more than 10% of the annual market volume of restoration claims in the United States are being processed through our cutting-edge technology. We take immense pride in serving a user base exceeding 11,000 restoration professionals, which includes the trust of 8 out of 10 of the largest restoration businesses. They confidently rely on

our intuitive all-in-one product suite including advanced features such as 3D imagery, technology-enhanced sketching and scoping, and a proven outsourcing service to generate insurance-compliant claims.

Join us at DocuSketch as we continue to lead the way in transforming the restoration industry through innovation and efficiency.

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