CORE Group Announces Exclusive Partnership with Virtual Vision

CORE Group, North America’s fastest growing contractor network, is pleased to announce its Exclusive Partnership with Virtual Vision, a digital and internet marketing agency!

“We are excited to exclusively partner with Virtual Vision to expand our service offerings in digital and internet marketing combined with a background of knowledge in the restoration space. This increased service channel will offer our members the ability to consolidate many of its services by offering all digital marketing solutions in one place,” said Dan Cassara, CEO of CORE Group. “As an Exclusive Partner, Virtual Vision has developed a unique approach to offering digital and internet marketing at competitive pricing for all CORE Members.”

With the ever-evolving world of digital and internet marketing, Virtual Vision has found its niche in the restoration space. Restoration contractors often find it difficult to find the time needed to put into their digital marketing and just being able to be found can be a feat in itself without the proper tools and knowledge base to get you there. This is where Virtual Vision comes in. By joining forces with CORE Group, CORE is now able to offer its membership all of the top digital and internet marketing offerings at industry best pricing!

“Virtual Vision has chosen to partner with CORE because of the alignment of our team values. CORE truly values teamwork and empowering their members to reach their goals. Virtual Vision encourages our members in this same manner and focuses our efforts in helping marketing clients achieve and measure their goals.” said Andy Scott, Owner of Virtual Vision. “We understand that our partnership with CORE will provide the Restoration industry with a knowledgeable and dynamic team that will enhance the industry as a whole and improve the Restoration Contractor individually.”

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