Continuing the Conversation: Mike Fulton Discusses Inflation, T&M, Integrations, & More

Mike Fulton, CEO of Xactware (now known as Verisk Property Estimating Solutions) is back on the Restoration Today podcast for round two! He first appeared on our podcast last November, and we are excited to keep these open conversations going with Mike as the restoration landscape continues to change and evolve.
In this podcast, which is audio-only due to a hiccup on our end, Mike and Michelle discuss hot topics like:
  • Adjustments for inflation
  • Reporting pricing vs. predicting pricing
  • Thoughts on T&M and 10&10
  • Reason profit margins for contractors
  • Up-and-coming innovations and platforms in the InsureTech world
  • Software integration
  • The Pricing Analyst program
Listen here, or subscribe to Restoration Today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your other preferred podcast platform to listen on the go and never miss a new episode!

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