Contec® Hosts Third Annual Cleanovators™ Virtual Summit

Contec’s customer-first approach and commitment to quality and innovation  bring effective solutions to the most critical environments around the world. Contec works to deliver these solutions  through product innovation, in-person consultations and virtual meetings, as well as educational webinars and events. The  first Cleanovators Virtual Summit was held in the fall of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Contec  will be hosting the third Cleanovators Virtual Summit on September 20 – 23, expanding the former one-day event into  four days of information.  

“Our Cleanovators Virtual Summit is bigger and better than ever,” says Jaclyn Deter, Director of Marketing at Contec.  “Contec’s different business unit leaders and experts have each built a day focused on the customers and partners we serve  in various industries around the world.” 

Healthcare – Tuesday, September 20 

Contec Healthcare is focused on compounding pharmacy, hazardous drug compounding, and home infusion.  Technical sessions include: 

  • Improving Communication Between Nursing and Pharmacy 
  • Best Practices for Managing Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Drugs 
  • Expert Q&A Panel 

Attendees can register for the Healthcare focused day, Tuesday September 20, here  

Cleanroom – Wednesday, September 21  

Contec Cleanroom is focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing, cell and gene therapy, medical device manufacturing,  semi-conductor and microelectronics.  

Technical sessions include: 

  • Determining the Most Effective Approach to Remove Disinfectant Residues – an Investigation Panel Discussion – An American Guide to Annex 1: Navigating Differences in cGMP Regulations and Guidance Expert Q&A Panel 

Attendees can register for the Cleanroom focused day, Wednesday September 21, here.

Professional – Thursday, September 22  

Contec Professional will be presenting on current topics for cleaning professionals and building service contractors in  healthcare environmental services, hospitality and education.  

Sessions include: 

  • Bugs in the Bucket: Why your Cleaning Tools and Methods Matter 
  • The Business of Cleaning in 2022 and Beyond 

Attendees can register for the Professional focused day, Thursday September 22, here

Cleanroom EMEA – Friday, September 23  

Contec EMEA will cover topics related to contamination control in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, cell  and gene therapy, medical device manufacturing and compounding pharmacies.  

Technical sessions include: 

  • Disinfectant Validation – Update and Avoiding Common Pitfalls 
  • Impact of the New Annex 1 on Cleaning and Disinfection 
  • Expert Q&A Panel 

Attendees can register for the EMEA focused day, Friday September 23, here. 

For more information about the Cleanovators Virtual Summit week, visit 

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