Company Culture

Company culture is the buzziest of buzzwords in any recent discussion about how to fix your business, but the notion of a healthy company culture is nothing new. In fact, company culture is like a vitamin – everybody knows it’s important, but few people actually take it. As in many industries, the effects of the COVID pandemic and the Great Resignation have been felt in the restoration space, bringing discussion of company culture and talent acquisition to the forefront.

But, what is company culture, and how do you, as an owner, understand and leverage it to create quality teams? It starts with understanding your vision for your company. The best executives will tell you, knowing who you are as an organization allows your team to understand what’s expected. It’s all about setting expectations that speak to company culture.

Company culture is the soul of a company. We often measure the company success by the financials, the P&Ls become the key indicator of a healthy business, but sustaining that performance happens when the culture of the company is understood, embraced, and lived out by each and every team member.

From my broker’s eye view, I get the distinct privilege of watching how companies run, from coast to coast. It’s clear that understanding culture can mean the difference between a small dip and great recovery in trying times and a decimated workforce where there are jobs aplenty and no bodies to complete them. Have you taken the pulse of your company culture lately?

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