Commentary: Breathing New Life into C&R

Mark Springer
Mark Springer
President, Restoration Industry Association
President, Dayspring Construction

In this digital age, everything seems to be subject to constant change. Some of this change is a good thing. Gained efficiencies, greater access, faster speeds, broader perspectives are all enhancing our experiences. The impact of these changes is profound in the world of trade association oversight and their efforts to create a compelling value proposition for their constituents. This change has forced many to re-evaluate the status quo and the delivery of their core services. The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) enjoys no exception to this rule. Indeed, the realities of change, especially those thrust upon our approach amid a global pandemic, force us to narrow our focus.

As many are aware, RIA has expanded and enhanced its role in advocacy for restorers in the areas that they face headwinds. While we are taking calculated and bold steps on behalf of restorers to both unify the industry and to provide a voice for their challenges, we have come to face the reality that we do not have the resources to also be a world-class publisher. This is a difficult realization, because we are keenly aware of the legacy that Cleaning and Restoration, known in the marketplace as C&R, has left in the hearts and minds of its readers over many decades. The contribution of thought leadership, technical disciplines, and professional practices that have been advanced by C&R cannot be overstated. From my own personal experience and professional journey, the pages of C&R have been incredibly influential. I have spoken with countless restorers whose practices and mindset have been deeply impacted by the articles, editorials, and case studies found on its pages.

As stewards of this legacy, we are so pleased that a new publisher, under the direction and ownership of Michelle Blevins, has acquired C&R Magazine from RIA. This transition represents an incredibly positive future for the restoration industry for several reasons. First, Michelle Blevins is an ideal leader for the magazine. She has a deep understanding of the rich history, present challenges, and future opportunities that affect restoration companies and their team members. She has demonstrated her unique gifts as a magazine editor in the restoration industry for many years. Michelle’s relationships and care for the people who work in the restoration industry is evident in her presence that is felt widely across the spectrum of property restoration. I believe that C&R will be in excellent hands under her leadership.

A second positive outcome of this transition is that Michelle is committed to maintaining C&R as a print journal that is published at least bi-monthly. While the future of digital resources is assured, we believe that tangible, hard copy, printed magazines still have an important place in our industry. There is just no replacing the physical copy of C&R in our break rooms, lobbies, and flood trucks. This resource was important in our journey, and we believe it will be just as important in the career development of the future restorers who will lead us forward over the coming century. RIA will continue to contribute and partner with Michelle and C&R Magazine into the future. We look forward to a bright future. On behalf of the RIA Board of Directors, our staff, and our wonderful members, we wish Michelle all the best as we mutually endeavor to leave the restoration industry better than we found it.



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