Cleaning a Produce Distribution Plant | C&R Case Study

Publisher’s Note: We love sharing stories from the field of the interesting, challenging, and unique jobs cleaning and restoration companies tackle everyday. This case study involves cleaning a massive produce distribution facility from top to bottom. Aaron Fischer, owner of Rainbow International of Richmond/Charlottesville/Fredericksburg/Staunton, shares what it took to get this job done. Do you have a job you’d love to share! Email us!

1. Tell Us About the Loss!

The client reached out to us needing assistance for cleaning their facility to pass the yearly inspection by the state of Virginia and the National FDA approval program.

Due to the staffing shortage the client was experiencing, they needed Rainbow to come in and clean the entire 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse, including walls, racking, and all horizontal services. All of these areas are climate controlled so time was of the essence to clean quickly, efficiently, and have the produce back in place to stay fresh.

All of these areas are climate controlled so time was of the essence to clean quickly, efficiently, and have the produce back in place to stay fresh. Rainbow was also asked to power wash the walk in freezer, scrub it down, and remove all debris that was knocked down. This was asked to be completed in four days, and pass the FDA inspection.

Throughout the 4 days when Rainbow was on the job, we utilized 10 people working 10-12 hour days to complete the job in the time parameters that the client gave us.

2. What hurdles/challenges did you encounter along the way?

The largest hurdle was this client is a food manufacturing plant. All employees had to be in full PPE when entering the plant. We also had to familiarize ourselves with the FDA sanitation inspection guidelines to make sure our client would pass this inspection. We also had to deal with different climates, and making sure that the food was not out of their particular climates too long and would spoil. Making sure we minimize business disruption while meeting the safety requirements was key.

3. What were some of the high points/proud moments for your team?

An efficient and effective scope of work was key on this project, spending time with the client to understand exactly what they needed and delivering. The client was very happy with the services we provided, and they scored their highest score ever on their inspection.

4. How did you communicate with the property owner/manager to keep them engaged in the process?

There were constant updates each day to keep the POC informed on what was going on. Every 2-3 hours, there was a brief meeting on the progress of the job and any major changes that had been made.

5. Was the loss covered? What was your experience with the adjuster and carrier?

The client paid for our services.

6. What lessons did your team take away from this loss?

Having a team that is willing to make sacrifices to keep your client happy is key to success.

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