Certified Mold Professional (CMP) Rebranded to NCMP

Wonder Makers is pleased to announce that the training that in the past led to designation as a Certified Mold Professional (CMP) is now being sponsored by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI). With this new partnership, the CMP will now be known as the NORMI Certified Microbial Professional (NCMP). Existing Certified Mold Professionals will be able to migrate their certification to NCMP through a simple process.

Wonder Makers is grateful to the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) which managed the CMP program for over 20 years. However, the realignment of the RIA’s training programs led to the re-branding the CMP as the NCMP.

The NCMP represents the highest-level training available in the mold remediation industry. From its inception, it incorporated a number of features which set it apart from other offerings in the restoration industry. As it was prior to the rebranding, prerequisites to the NCMP require interested individuals to have successfully completed a mold remediation technician course and a mold remediation supervisor course (while these courses are also offered by Wonder Makers Environmental, the prerequisites can be obtained from a number of sources including NORMI, IICRC, Indoor Sciences, etc.). In addition to successfully completing the NCMP course, the completion of a capstone project is required of individuals who aspire to become a NORMI Certified Microbial Professional.

Michael Pinto, CEO of Wonder Makers Environmental noted: “We are very excited to be partnering with NORMI to continue this important certification in the restoration and mold remediation industry. The NCMP is as important to the safe control of mold contamination today as it was when the first designation was offered in 2004.”

NORMI Executive Director, Doug Hoffman, also is appreciative of the value that the new course and accreditation adds for NORMI. “We have been in the process of working on the development of an upper tier mold program at NORMI for the last five years. Bringing this excellent training into our organization preserves the best traditions of the CMP while modernizing the material to include an additional emphasis on some additional microbial contaminants and building science concepts. With the inclusion of the new NORMIPro Monitoring Program, NCMPs will be offering their clients long-term solutions.”

Currently, there are plans to offer the first NCMP class in October of 2022. Dates and details of the class will be released soon.

Additional questions about the CMP program, conversion of CMP accreditation to NCMP status, the upcoming training class, requirements for the capstone project, or general inquiries regarding proper mold remediation processes should be directed to:

Wonder Makers Environmental        National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors
ssp@wondermakers.com                 doug@normi.org
269-382-4154                                   877.251.2296 x 876

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