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5 Questions with Debbie Bogar

Debbie Bogar is well-known in the RIA as one very active member. She’s served in a variety of roles: as a former Restoration Affiliates (RA) President, RIA Board Member, and

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5 Questions with Carol Driscoll

Carol Driscoll, Technical Director at BELFOR, started out young in the restoration industry, first working in her parent’s business. Over the last three decades she’s gained numerous certifications and won

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5 Questions with Barry Swidler

Barry Swidler is a fourth-generation owner of American Fire Restoration, a family business that began in 1917. He is currently the president of that company, based in Queens, New York.

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5 Questions with Josh Hobbs

Josh Hobbs spent close to 30 years exposed to or actively working at Dalworth Restoration and its sister company, Dalworth Clean. He has literally “grown up in the family business,”

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5 Questions With Owen Boak

Owen Boak, CR, WLS, CMP, is the founder and managing director of Elements Specialty Cleaning and Restoration in Melbourne, Australia, with 25 years of experience across all kinds of restoration.

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5 Questions with Mike Davis

Mike Davis, CR, WLS, is the owner of All American Cleaning and Restoration in Idaho Falls,Idaho. The company was started in 1978 by Mike and his wife, Norma. All American

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5 Questions with Russ Palmer

Russ Palmer, CSDS, is the owner of Titan Restoration of Arizona, a specialty contractor for disaster restoration. He loves to support the community and all the local sports programs any

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5 Questions with Michael Cousino

Michael Cousino, CR, CERC, has been in the construction business for more than 32 years. He began his restoration career under his father, Forrest Cousino, with Cousino Construction. His business

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5 Questions with Charles Cassani

Charles Cassani, CR, has over 40 years of construction experience related to restoration, remediation, fire, water, vandalism and biological events. He currently serves as an analytical specialist at Restoration Management

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5 Questions with Mark Springer

Mark Springer is the president of Dayspring Restoration, a Montana-based company that specializes in disaster restoration. He loves his work, location and family. He has become a mini celebrity in

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