Restorer’s Circle

Communicating Culture

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I expect people to read my mind. For example, during a recent leadership team meeting, I mentioned that I was frustrated because

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A Culture of Safety

Without people, a positive company culture isn’t relevant. Restoration company owners are in the people business, and the people we are responsible for just happen to restore damaged properties. We

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Patience vs. Tolerance

Knowing the difference could lower your blood pressure and change the way the game is played.  As noted in my previous article, one of the obstacles I had to overcome

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Family vs. Team in Business

If you want to go out of business, run your company like it’s family! Ok, hold on. Before you hit the “X” button on this page, read a little further.

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The Generational Shift

“Wealth doesn’t pass through three generations” –Chinese Proverb The statistics are daunting: Fewer than one in three family businesses are passed on to the second generation. Only one in eight

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Family Circle: The Owned + Operated Journey

Traditionally, ours was an industry of small, family-owned businesses. Family was practically synonymous with the restoration industry for decades. That’s beginning to change as our industry consolidates and more family-owned

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