Team Talk

Marcie Richardson brings more than 20 years of HR experience to her Team Talk column. She will be covering topics like COVID, hiring, firing, culture, benefits, and everything in-between.

The Team Talk column will be featured the fourth Tuesday of every month in the Restoration Today eNewsletter.

Humanizing Work

The workplace is often viewed as a sterile, cold environment where people are expected to leave their emotions at the door and focus solely on productivity. However, this approach is

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Change Fatigue

With modern technology introduced, innovative software, upgraded equipment, different work processes, economic uncertainty, company buy-outs, and many other company changes, employees are experiencing change fatigue! In a 2022 survey taken

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Employee Life Cycle: The Exit

The last and arguably the most valuable leg of the employee experience is the exit.   High retention and low turnover are the goals for every company. Exit interviews are the

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Employee Life Cycle: Development

Yes, there is a difference between training and development. So, why is development so important? I am glad you asked! Development is a strategic business tool that should be discussed

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Employee Life Cycle: Onboarding

Continuing our series, The Employee Life Cycle, we have reached our next stop…. Onboarding. Onboarding is the most crucial step process in the employee life cycle. It begins the experience

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Employee Life Cycle: Recruitment

Ahhh, recruitment. Recruitment may be the number one challenge companies are facing today. With so many companies competing for good employees, how is your company standing out from the rest? 

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