Cross Examination w/ Ed Cross

Cross Examination is a C&R-exclusive column with The Restoration Lawyer himself, Ed Cross. Ed got his start in restoration working in his father’s construction company. In 1995, Ed founded the Law Offices of Edward H. Cross, serving the construction and restoration industry. He has never looked back.
Ed is the #1 authority on a number of legal matters in our industry today. His bimonthly columns and videos cover the hottest topics.

Increase Profits By Improving Communications

Miscommunications lie quietly beneath the surface of most problems in cleaning and restoration transactions. Commonly-overlooked communication problems lead to liability issues and collection problems. Here are some tools to prevent

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How to NOT Get Roasted in a Deposition

When a property repair project becomes adversarial, as it often does, restorers may find themselves under the bright glare of scrutiny in the grueling litigation process known as discovery. Discovery

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