Head Heart and Boots

Head, Heart and Boots (formerly Mit/Resto Mastery) brings together the dynamic duo of Brandon Reece and Chris Nordyke, two restoration industry veterans who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge on operations, organizational development, commercial sales strategy, customer experience, and transformational culture.

Head, Heart and Boots will appear in the Restoration Today eNewsletter and on the C&R website on the third Tuesday of each month.

Creating A Coaching Culture

Fairly early in my restoration career, I was fortunate enough to have an Executive Coach and the positive impact of working with her was off the charts. Her perspective, insights,

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The Real Purpose of the ERP

My first experience with an emergency response plan was when I was VP of sales at an independent restorer in Oregon. I cold-called a religious private school and managed to

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The Power of Regret

How many times have you heard someone flippantly say “no regrets” or see life hack lists on how to live without regrets? The current culture narrative implies that there is

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Hurry Up And Slow Down

Have you ever heard the saying “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast?” The Navy Seals are noted for that particular phrase and its message is much deeper and far

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