Family Circle

The restoration industry is full of family-owned and operated businesses of all shapes and sizes. Family Circle is a column dedicated to sharing triumphs and struggles of being in business with family. Whether it is a husband-wife team, brothers and sisters, parents and children, there are unique dynamics that go into running a successful, thriving, and healthy family-owned and operated company.

Today, ATI is the largest family-operated restoration company in the U.S., and continues growing its footprint. The Moore family is authentic and transparent about their company, active in the restoration industry, and bring unique ideas and perspectives on everything from operations to culture and leadership.

This column is sponsored by ATI Restoration.

The Generational Shift

“Wealth doesn’t pass through three generations” –Chinese Proverb The statistics are daunting: Fewer than one in three family businesses are passed on to the second generation. Only one in eight

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Family Circle: The Owned + Operated Journey

Traditionally, ours was an industry of small, family-owned businesses. Family was practically synonymous with the restoration industry for decades. That’s beginning to change as our industry consolidates and more family-owned

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