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Dear David: What is Subrogation?

Dear David, As a restoration contractor, I strive to give my customers excellent service. I receive satisfaction by putting my customers’ property and their lives back to normal. I usually

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The Squeeze

So let me see if I understand this correctly. Some time ago, property insurance carriers began insulating themselves from unscrupulous, litigation-prone, transaction-driven contractors by “partnering” with contractors they could trust.

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Employee Life Cycle: Development

Yes, there is a difference between training and development. So, why is development so important? I am glad you asked! Development is a strategic business tool that should be discussed

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Creating A Coaching Culture

Fairly early in my restoration career, I was fortunate enough to have an Executive Coach and the positive impact of working with her was off the charts. Her perspective, insights,

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Measuring Drying Performance

This month we are diving into some big-brain concepts regarding structural drying. I think it is safe to say there are a ton of restorers actively working in the industry

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Family vs. Team in Business

If you want to go out of business, run your company like it’s family! Ok, hold on. Before you hit the “X” button on this page, read a little further.

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