Fresh & Clean

Helping Cascadian Fruit Shippers Warehouse recover from smoke damage helps France and Company takes home the Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration On the afternoon of March 28, 2016, France

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Is it Dry or Not?

Changing the Landscape Nothing impacts a landscape like a hurricane, a tsunami, or a landmark lawsuit. This is particularly true if the lawsuit results are published throughout the land. No

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A Historical Perspective

PREFACE: This article consists of the text of the keynote presentation delivered at the Strictly TPAs event held in Nashville, Tennessee, in November 2017. In this presentation, I reviewed the

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What to Know About SEO

Are you an owner or manager trying to figure out how to generate more leads online? This might prove more difficult than one would think if you don’t know the

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Next-Gen Restoration Professionals

Generation X and younger professionals can offer restoration firms the adaptability and efficiency they need in today’s on-demand environment. These professionals often find the restoration industry and jobs within it

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Benefits of TPA Relationships

So how did we get here? Why do third-party or negotiated scope? The TPA would manage contractor administrators (TPAs) exist in our industry? Why do TPAs even get a say

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